Electric stainless steel nail drill and milling cutter head [izkopucy]

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  • Brand Name: ZONGLIANG
  • Size: M F 16mm
  • Item Type: Electric Manicure Drill & Accessory
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Model Number: YS201708017
  • >> Higher Hardness
    Made of high quality zirconia ceramic, higher hardness and higher wear resistance, make the bits longer tool life. Meanwhile, it has better polish performance than metal bits.
    >> Excellent Heat Dissipation
    Higher-efficiency heat dissipation than metal, so the bits won't be burning hot during long-time using.
    >> Easy To Clean and Disinfect
    Wash the drill bit through clean water directly, than you can simply disinfect the bit through medicinal alcohol. It’s so convenient, efficient and time-saving for your manicure.
    >> Great Antibacterial Feature
    In the production process, we add inorganic antibacterial agent, so that the surface of the ceramic has antibacterial effect. It can persistently inhibit and kill bacteria and other microorganisms.
    >> Resistance of acid, alkali
    Ceramic is constituted by silicate, which is stable chemical properties. So our drill bit can resist acid, alkali and other caustic material.
    >> Best Universality
    Suitable for manicure, pedicure, dental use etc.

    3/32electric nail drill stainless steel Milling cutter for manicure pedicure Apparatus for manicure Gold and steel sand nail bit

    Flute Size: Φ 16 mm
    Overall Length: 51mm
    Shank: 3/32"(2.35mm)

    1.Check nail bits before use.
    2.Always wear eye-protective safety glasses.
    3.For professional use only.
    4.Do not use if it is dropped.
    5.Keep out of reach of children.
    6.Disinfect nail bits after use.

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    This Electric stainless steel nail drill and milling cutter head [izkopucy] is of premium quality in valuable priceyour good choice to buy with confidence here on Stylesnails.com.
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