Nail art is a process of disinfecting, cleaning, nursing, maintaining, modifying and beautifying the nail according to the shape, shape, skin and clothing color of the guest. It has the characteristics of diversified expressions.

The ancient Egyptians took the lead in using the gauze's skin friction to make the nails brighter, and painted with the scattered flower juice to make it charming red. In an archaeological study, someone found a cosmetic case in the tomb of Cleopatra, which recorded: Applying "virgin nail polish" to the Western Paradise.

At present, the use of phototherapy in nail art is carried out by using the light-curing gel in the nail polish to cure the reaction under ultraviolet irradiation. The nails of the nails are actually ultraviolet lamps. The UV lamp used in nail lamps generally has a wavelength of 320-400 nm, which is a range of long-wave ultraviolet rays. It does not cause particularly serious damage to the skin, but it causes the skin to tan and age.

There are many types of nails. Apart from nail polish nails and phototherapy nails, how many kinds do you know? How many more have you learned? Come, let's get to know the various types of nails!

No.1 nail oil nail art

The nail polish packaging is similar to the traditional nail polish, and it is directly operated by the brush. However, because the nail polish meets the light curing relationship, the outside of the nail polish bottle must be painted to prevent light transmission. It has the characteristics of non-toxic, tasteless, environmental protection, etc. It has the gloss of glue and the color of oil. It is compatible with the common advantages of glue and nail polish. The color is full and clear, easy to apply, quick and dry, and the gloss is more durable. Some good quality nail polish can be removed with ordinary nail polish.

No.2 Phototherapy Manicure

Phototherapy A is an advanced simulation technique that cures the phototherapy gel through the light and action of the UV A-line. The phototherapy gel is non-toxic and non-irritating chemicals, and it is odorless and fragrance-free. It has the same toughness, elasticity and breakability as natural nails. It is very difficult to remove the armor and it takes a long time to polish.

No.3 painted nail art

Painted nail art refers to the art of drawing a pattern on a nail with a painter. Painted manicure is one of the choices for a variety of versatile DIY nails based on the basic simple nail art. The eyebrows are more and more popular with the eyebrows. The painted manicure has a long history and a variety of designs. The subject matter is broad and can be associated with almost all objects in the world. each country. Each region has its own different painting methods and styles. Just a few strokes, a leaf, a small flower, and a cartoon image will jump to your fingertips. Give people unlimited imagination and beauty!

No.4 Crystal Manicure

Crystal armor is a kind of manicure. It is the most popular one among the various nail art processes. It is characterized by the ability to change the shape of the finger visually and give a sense of slenderness, thus making up for the regret of the hand shape. Crystal nails are crystal clear, white and natural, and can be matched with clothing of various colors to set off women's elegant temperament.

No.5 Embossed Manicure

Embossed nail is the most popular one in the nail carving process. The appearance of the embossed glue makes the three-dimensional carving no longer limited to the pungent crystal liquid operation, and can completely achieve the tasteless, non-toxic healthy nail art, which can be visually and intuitively viewed. The three-dimensional pattern on the nails gives the impression of a glass, crystal, and glass convex and concave painting, thus making up for the defects that the crystal liquid causes harm to people's bodies. The embossed nails are crystal clear and embossed, and can be used with a variety of long and short hand shapes to perfectly set off the woman's hand. The hand is the woman's second face, and the beautiful and dynamic relief can make Ms. Amy show her distinctive temperament.

No.6 Patch Manicure

The patch manicure simply means that a nail-like piece of nail is attached to the surface of the nail. This process of sticking is not easy to mess up, and many manicure supplies are needed. In the manicure process that makes MM dazzled, patch manicure is one of the most popular techniques of “fake the real thing”. If the work is fine enough, it is difficult to distinguish the true and false nails with the naked eye. MM, which is not enough to be awkward, can try this kind of nail art, modify its own "ugly ugly" nails, and let your opposite sex and face value pull up.