1. May 31, 2020

    4 popular nail art

    Omelette nail art

    Dot pen practice:

    1. Use a nail polish brush to drop a moderately sized white glue on the nail surface, which saves time, and then uses a bead pen to circle the outline of the protein;

    2. Mix the egg yellow and the deer 3D gel with a point pen, and then take the glue in the form of a circle in the center of the protein;

    3. Brush a layer of seal and finish.

    Reference style:

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  2. May 31, 2020

    There are so many types of nail art, know different kinds of nail art

    Nail art is a process of disinfecting, cleaning, nursing, maintaining, modifying and beautifying the nail according to the shape, shape, skin and clothing color of the guest. It has the characteristics of diversified expressions.

    The ancient Egyptians took the lead in using the gauze's skin friction to make the nails brighter, and painted with the scattered flower juice to make it charming red. In an archaeological study, someone found a cosmetic case in the tomb of Cleopatra, which recorded: Applying "virgin nail polish" to the Western Paradise.

    At present, the use of phototherapy in nail art is carried out by using the light-curing gel in the nail polish to cure the reaction under ultraviolet irradiation. The nails of the nails are actually ultraviolet lamps. The UV lamp used in nail lamps generally has a wavelength of 320-400 nm, which is a range of long-wave ultraviolet rays. It does not cause particularly serious damage to the skin, but it causes the skin to tan

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  3. May 31, 2020

    Learn about nail polish

    The modification of nails is an important part of women's beauty. The beauty of the woman always loves to use bright red nail polish on the long nails to show the charm of the delicate hand. However, before beautifying your nails, you should make some modifications to your nails.


    Grooming nails

    The first is to remove the old nail polish. Use a cotton dipped in nail polish remover and wipe it from the bottom of the nail to the tip several times to remove it completely. Then use a manicure tool to trim the shape of the nail. When finished, immerse your hands in soapy water to make the outer skin soft. Wipe your fingers and fingers with a towel. If necessary, the internal puncture of the nail root and the uneven skin can be removed with a skin scissors and a small tweezers.

    Apply nails to the nails first. In addition to applying grease or cream to the nails and roots, apply a protective layer to the nails. The nail polish should be shaken before applying

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